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India Is The Most Dangerous Country For Women

India is the most dangerous country for girls living in the world. The information that came up in a recent study by 'Thomson Reuters'. 'Thomson Reuters' research firm. The Thomson Reuters Foundation started the first study 7 years ago. Then she was ranked as one of the dangerous countries for girls living on the list, Afghanistan was ranked number one. India was at number 4. But after 7 years, India's position is top.
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At this moment, Afghanistan is after India. In the previous survey, Pakistan was at number 3. Currently, their position is 6. Thomson Reuters surveyed 9 countries from 10 countries in Asia, Asia Only one country outside America. The survey was done on the basis of girls' health, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, trafficking of women, abuse of women and social customs. The Thomson Reuters Foundation, based on the opinion of 550 experts around the world, Six topics are preferred by experts.

India's position in number one on women's torture, ill-practices, and sexual harassment. India has somewhere at number two, at number 3 in the other index. But many of the Indians are reluctant to accept this survey.Chairperson of the Indian Women Commission, Rekha Sharma, is reluctant to accept that the persecution of women is increasing in India. In an interview given to Reuters, she said that girls are now openly talking about torture on them. They are complaining to the police station. And the number of tortures in India did not increase.
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