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4 Galaxies Of 1300 Billion Years Old Have Been Found

An estimated 1300 billion years! Mexican researchers searched 4 such senior citizens in space A scientists led by Carlos Franck, Director of the Institute of Computational Cosmology at Durham University, searched the 4 galaxies.
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The new 4 galaxies are - Seg-1, Boots-1, Tucana 2, Ursa Mayor 1. These 4 galaxies are large in size but are quite small in size.
 Scientists say, 'satellite-galaxy' Because the moon revolves around the Earth, our Milky Way is surrounded by galaxies. Boots The Crossover paper has been published in the 'Astrophysical Journal'
 Carlos said, 'They were behind the house, it is not known, so many days. This discovery of astronomy is very similar to finding the remains of primitive people. Finding a fragmented primitive universe.

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