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Upcoming World First Flying car 2019

Flying Car, which is coming with British Dutch firm PAL-V International Which can walk along the road to the sky.
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According to PALV, on their website, they will leave this car in the world within 2020. Pre-booking has started for this. Initially, 90 vehicles will be left in the market. This car will be sold in some Asian countries and in Britain, Europe and America. Then they will market it slowly around the world.
The car has three wheels. Petrol will run Fuel retention capacity is 100 liters. There is a place for sitting 2 in the car. Freight carrying capacity is like 20 kilograms. The car's weight is 664 kg
PAL-V's Flying Car will cross the maximum distance of 1315 kilometers by road. You can cross 482 kilometers in the air.
By road, the speed of the car is 160 kilometers per hour. The speed of the air will be 180 kilometers per hour.
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