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In June The Meteorite Will Be Visible Too Much

The asteroid will not remain in the Earth's atmosphere. As a result, there is a possibility of a collision with the atmosphere, which will be flooded with the sky of 800 square miles area.

Physicist Mark of the Los Alamos National Laboratory in America and Western University of London physicist Peter Brown said that this luncheon may be in June! In this meteorite, there will be a giant cosmic object like Siberia's tingling event, or something bigger than it will enter into the atmosphere. The paper was presented in a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Washington.
Researchers said that in June, a giant asteroid or asteroids would enter the Earth's atmosphere. After that the clash with the atmosphere, it cracks in a terrible word. That was exactly 110 years ago today. 30 June 1908 On that day, a giant cosmic object burst into the sky in the sky of the Siberia eruption. All the plants in the 800 square-meter area of Tunguska and its surroundings were burnt down. A huge area shook and trembled. There were no casualties in the unpopulated area.
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The reason for the blasts is still unknown. Scientists are yet to know why the horrific explosions occurred on that day. On that day there was considerable debate about the comet in the atmosphere of the Earth that the asteroids entered.
According to the researchers, the larger the appearance of cosmic objects in the anti-convulsion of June, since 1975, no cosmic object of such a bigger face has ever entered the Earth's atmosphere.
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